Friday, 30 April 2010

Hmm fishy . . .

Now i left half of the web address as im not even sure what this is?? It doesnt look like ur regular hack site (Now you see just how careful i am lol) But well it seems strange that
1 - you have to sign up
2 - when she says it aint a scam
3 - when she says its not even for her for the "deserving people on stardoll*
fishy much???


  1. No, metarl is a site where people can click to support you and they can get a prize. It's not a scam. People can earn superstar.

  2. Its not a scam its how I became a superstar
    go to this ---->

  3. Actually, it's not a scam. I have gotten gift codes from it before. The 'sign up' URL she gave you is a 'referral thing.' It gives her account extra points so she can purchase her gift card when more people sign up.

  4. it's not a scam. you can go to but not the other part because it gives points to that person

  5. No. It's a real website. It's not a scam. It's actually a pretty neat idea.