Monday, 3 May 2010


Not only is this girl pretending to be emorox4eva but also claiming she is selling filipinhamaria's account!!
This would never be believable anyway but she really doesnt help her case!!! LOL
I mean she doesnt even know emorox4eva's REAL name!?!?!? LMAO this 1 really is laughable!!!
Also tut tut sd letting her get away with writing that!!! I cant even write crap without being censored!? GRR


  1. She's an attention seeker. She did this whole thing to get posted on hotbuysbazaar most likely. Paying her ANY heed would just be giving her EXACTLY what she wants. I guess she thinks that really negative publicity is still publicity. I mean, how many not-so-famous people on stardoll get featured on there? Very few. I guess it's partially all of our faults for setting up this social hierarchy that almost never changes.

  2. They are people creating accounts with the name of famous stardollers like Hunnigall etc, copying their presentation and pretenting they're them.

  3. OMG Lol xD
    Seriously, these people have no life whatsoever. You're right; she can't even spell Jenna's name properly! xD Things like this crack me up. I got some GB comment saying "You're hot" and some random shit after it...was well random! Replied to it giving them crap, and they aint bothered me since! I hate people like this; they make Stardoll unfun...