Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Hey gals
I have good news!! since sd changed the friend finder list so you cant check out people i have come up with a scammer & hackers label list on the side of this blog! the great thing is unlike the lists people have made before on sd NONE of them can deny it on here & as there is pictured proof for every single person!!!
So if you scroll down the page on the side you will find where it says LABELS You will basically find a list of almost ALL (im half way through labeling lol) of the hackers & scammers who have been posted on this blog!! I really do hope it helps!!! & i will get round to finishing labelling them all asap!
But dont forget to ALWAYS be careful anyway no matter what!!
I hope this can help more people!!

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  1. Hi!

    I can see that my mainaccout is in that list and I personally has NEVER scammed anybody.What I do know is that I got hacked in dec 2010 and the hacker changed my presentation and posted a a fake starol link to fool people to get "free LE" I have gone through "hell" for this and I can't undo that I got hacked and I can only feel sadness for those who went to that site.