Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Strange, Mixed-Up, Hackers..?

Today I got the strangest impression - at first it began as a hunch. Myself, being the curious fellow that I am, followed my trace. I got two people who were basically, oh, what do you say, "stalking" my page. Their names were Stella-EllaDKNY and TiffanyDKNY. Both from the US, both non ss, both with DKNY at the end of their names. Curious, huh? Just slightly. So I decided to check them both out, as I do like going to the pages of my recently visited quite often.

Stella-EllaDKNY's Pres.

So okay, she is selling an abnormal amount of accounts. Whatever, I figure, right? I mean, some people do sell quite a few accounts, and are quite safe.

But then... I decided to visit TiffanyDKNY. And look what I found...
 TiffanyDKNY's Pres

So, okay, at first I did think; it is possible that TiffanyDKNY was hacked. But how is it possible you share the same username, and is selling the SAME ACCOUNTS Star9fish24 and IndianGenie?? What is your viewpoint on this controversy? Love to hear from you!

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