Saturday, 12 September 2009

This 1 is personal . .

Not only is this girl a hacker BUT she is also a copycat/stalker!
& wot a shocker the lovely gal she is copying is alot like me . . she spends a lot of her time trying 2 help people against all the raving loony tunes on sd!
obvously like mine its someone who she has proved is a hacker/scammer etc n they aint happy but well they shouldnt have done it in the 1st place!

jus a quick apology 4 not postin on the blog 4 waaaaaaaaay 2 long! i have sooo ridiculously busy! but hopefully everything should go bk 2 normal now! also sd has been rather quiet the last few days maybe all the hackers r on holiday!!! hey more like a holiday 4 us tho! lol whooop

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