Thursday, 17 September 2009


Now i no how much everyone would love 2 be CG! who wouldnt?!
But since when did it stop being about ur doll, style & creativity & turn into a popularity & who can offer more money contest! people are offering riduculous ammounts of stuff just 4 voting like a raffle style (if anyone acctually does get any kind of prize i would be quite shocked!) SD is going so far down the pan im beginning 2 wonder if it will ever go back 2 the way it used 2 be?
but well id like 2 no wot u think about this? i no they r not acctually doing anything wrong (scamming or hacking etc) but i still think its unfair on those gals whos dolls & suites r immaculate & now they dont stand a chance against someone offering a million sd & the entire old dkny collection (ok slight exaggeration but well it could end up that way?!)
so gals wot do u think?? and has anyone ever acctually won from voting?


  1. Unfortunately it stopped being about the dolls a LONG time ago. The people who made hundreds of accounts to make themselves CG made it this way. I think that is what was unfair. People should not have to offer so much for a chance to become CG. I can't speak for others, but in my case, people get their prizes. I understand your meaning though.

  2. heya.
    my view...i think its a lie...whats the chance that ONE person out of like 40 million will win that prize?!? i think they just sell the clothes to there other accounts...and say people won it...
    its a ashame its this way...used to be so easy for CG now its to hard:( people like Puppy-Druel, Cutecb11 or even Crist3y and many more fabu ladis might not ever be CG even though they deserve it.

  3. Brookiie/randomchik526 October 2009 at 21:36

    Truthfully; I miss the old stardoll :/ Its changed so much since i made my first acount in 2006 i think it was.

    The stardoll staff is getting TO GREEDY!
    Anyway, back on subject. I Doubt they do get anything. I dont believe someone would give away all that for a 1 out of 4 mil chance!


  4. I know lots of non superstars who want to be cg. which is sad, ( no offence to non superstars) but how can they when everyone is offering money, DNKY, and all that other stuff :( they dont stand a chance :(
    anyway, i think i know what they do, ( the people who are giving away money ) they make another spare account, and pretend to give the money to them!!! but they dont, which is smart because no-one else knows that!!!
    i hope that was a good comment

  5. i completely agree! check out my starblog. i have a post about this.