Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm Back! Wait, Why Are You Running Away?....

Hello all. My name is Loob3. You've probably forgotten about me as I haven't posted in about a week. Because I'm a lazy cow, that's why. I do have other occupations though.....Zombie Slayer, C.O.D Expert, Stardoll Enthusiast, Random Hobo Living In Your Basement, Rice Grain Counter, President Of The Gummi Bear Community, (Strange) Schoolgirl, and loads more. Also I write for this blog, I've just remembered. You can probably remember me now because I'm the only person on the whole World Wide Web who writes introductory paragraphs THIS long. I'm sorry. Time to get on with the news.....

Now, person reading this sentence, tell me now.....How the hell do Stardoll NOT censor the word 'Spanks'. Hmm? 

My reply: 'Hey ugly! My grammar is so much better than yours! (By the way, what's a bich?)'

Good heavens! (No one actually says 'Good heavens' any more, do they?'

Why didn't I think up that one? That was crafty. She's got some wit, that girl. And some nerves. 

Soooooooo......That's all for now, folks, please leave a comment and I will love you forever. Even if its just 'Look at my hairy green cheesey biscuit.'.

Loob3 :D x


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  3. Look at my hairy green cheesey biscuit xDD