Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sick sicky sick . . .

hey luvs
have a super fast post 4 ya, as i know i havent been posting or even on stardoll (iv been that busy my ss has ran out 4 the 1st time since i joined sd almost 4 years ago n i dont have time 2 be on there 2 top it up!) i have been soooo busy since starting college as im sure most of ya have! Im juggling 3 assignments at the moment all are essays that need 2 be about 16 - 20 pages long!! LOL need a holiday already! How is everyone else doin back at school/college now??
Anyhoo enough of the nicey nicey i have some real lovelys 4 ya . .
LMAO what a bunch of loony doodles!! N the swimming pool bit? i mean seriously?!? grow up a little huh? lol
I also have a real FUNNY 4 ya! This 1 is a "proffesinal hacker" LMFAO she is that PROFESSIONAL that she cant even spell it WHAHAHAHA toooo funny!
Anyway hope ya had a good giggle at these! i sure did!!
I will try n get online more often! And as always a HUGE thanx 2 all of the fabulous writers 4 just being fabulous!

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  1. I was just seeing what things I could do to earn more stardollers and I saw one thing I thought you would like to know about. Scrolling down, I came across an offer to earn 2 sd. It was a daily newsletter offer containing jokes. It said you receive "the best jokes from naughty jokes to top-rated comics". I was like What? Naughty jokes?!?!?