Saturday, 17 September 2011

Load of bull****

Hey guys, its been a long time! Sorry for not posting but their really isn't anything to post about! but i did get a few things for you, so be happy! 

Well as you can see, stardoll like to make our life hell!

ok this is so unfair, i think this should not be allowed, your opinions?

oh great! we can share our numbers with pedos now! yay! how great!

google translate?

seriously? fucking seriously? if you buy this dress, sorry but your a dumb ****, its just the truth, the dress is ugly and extremely over priced.

comment  :)


  1. Say what?You can call people on stardoll :0

  2. omg sooo ugly...
    i think its unfair too about JoannaBg,like she's so mean i've been her friend on sd, but she's a total B!ch... winning 2 times? wtf???

  3. Guys man I'm friends with the 0800- girl and I asked her why has her ID came up like that. She said it's a random number. THINK guys only stupid people would put their number as a stardoll id. It's Skype's fault anyways, not Stardolls