Monday, 26 September 2011

Copying bitch

Well we've all heard of copying and i very kind friend Anne.Sofie has had shit loads of it and now i have one!
say hello to wikid-star  , the girl that thinks its okay to copy my medoll right down to the last detail!

As you can see, my doll on the top and hers on the bottom, lets play spot the difference! please tell me below in the comments how many things you can see she hasnt copied. Not only the fact that all she said was "srry should have asked" she still hasn't changed it! Please could you visit her and tell her to change it, thank you! Coping should not be tolerated and shows you have no respect for anyone, which, makes you a bitch, k thanks? bye!


  1. Different hair colour. Different eyebrow shade and no blush. So it's not down to the last detail.And how do you know she's percificly copying you.There's probably two of the same doll looks on stardoll.

  2. visit her doll and look in her guestbook, k thanks? bye!