Sunday, 9 October 2011

First post in AGESSS!

hello guys! we haven't posted in agesss!! and im sorry, buttt.... i have tons of things for you to feast your eyes on! so enjoy! oh yeah and dont forget to visit our sister blog: the stardoll sinners! THANK YOU!

ohhhh ur soooo not ;)

dont think i am with you

how is a girl ment to have cum? stupid shit

no, i bet its the same person as above -_-

no i dont

once again ur not

let me rip your off, you deserve the torture 

Ok i hate it when people do this, compliment you so you can do something for them iygm, is annoying and its spam. I hid everything, because they're not, well idk just to keep their identity secret :) 

And just some strange and weird things on stardoll

You know the boy cover girl? well he likes his piercings.

What happened to who its designed by?

ok this stardoll member isn't making fun of anyone, its just his stardoll name, but how can stardoll let him get away with it?

Oh yeah and dont forget to visit the stardoll sinners!!!!!


  1. heyshmexy posted on my gb! (Gracie-Macie) It was actually something that had no weird phrases.

  2. What's wrong with being proud of being homosexual? o.o