Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Return Of Loob3...

Hi everyone. I want to apologize. For not posting lately. I've been very ill and there's been technical difficulties on the blog and due to schoolwork I haven't had much time. So I thought it's time for a fresh start, I'll now go out of my way to find and post the latest news to our loyal readers. New start meaning a new banner too. Like it? Basically me in my alter-ego Gummi Bear form. Meh.

So, I found this;

Why thankyou! Its about time someone said my doll is nice. But it's not meant to turn people on. No. You have totally got the wrong idea darling. Its a bloody cartoon not a porn model. And your doll CERTAINLY doesn't turn ME on. You look like a disfigured chimpanzee with diarrhea. I'm serious. You do. 

Goodbye everyone, Loob3 x :D :D  

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