Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The ugly side chat box

ok, so we have had a notice before about the chat box and how some of you are behaving 'idiotic' and keep fighting, posting dirty things, and just being plain rude! Do you people have no manners? Have you not been brought up properly? After making a new chat box to stop copying names, you guys are now fighting! You should be ashamed of yourself! And about people complaining about their age, or religion or setting an example, YOU AINT GONNA GET ONE HERE! if you think your too young, why are you on this blog? And this blog isn't here to show some person a good example! it's here to warn yo about rude things and hackers! So don't complain to us that we're not setting good examples and being dirty or what ever.
I am going to have a talk with Welchie and we will decide whether or not to keep the chat box, i honestly would have thought that you guys were better that that. 

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