Thursday, 30 June 2011

A FEW changes :)

Hey girlies how are we all??
Hope everyone is good & has missed me just a little? :) Anyway im back, exams done so just slightly less stressed 4 now!
Over the last few weeks iv been popping on sd every now then, so i have of course racked up a whole desktop full of whack-a-doodles. . heres a couple to get ya back in the swing of things, then then i have a few changes to tell ya about . .

N this is just 1 day of requests lol I will try n get as many done as possible over the next few days!
Sooo im sure u have noticed a FEW changes . .
1. Im sure a few of you will notice my banner no longer says The Fashion Side & Ugly Side of Stardoll as there is as of an hour ago no Fashion Side anymore, sorry to anyone who reads but with noone commenting there was no point
2. I gave this blog a HUGE makeover that it really needed, so im sure you have noticed EVERYTHING has moved . .

Pretty much say it all lol

* New reggae playlist
(You know you have missed my wacky music taste a little :)
* Recent comments, recent & popular posts
* Archive
* Labels (scammer/hacker etc list)
* Follow, share & join
* Views & recent visitors
* Your writers

So anyway i really hope you like the makeover & i have missed ya all!! Also im now about to add a Suggestions tab so please check that out :)


  1. aw I really liked the fashion side of stardoll. I didn't comment because I'm not really one to comment very often and I'm to lazy to type most of the time.

  2. Eu perverts are so annoying arent they -_- xxx

  3. I had a button on my toolbar for the fashion side :( ... but I'll admit, I haven't been on stardoll that much latley- and when I'm not on stardoll, i tend to not read stardoll-related blogs.

    I haven't been ont the internet that much in general either- school work.