Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Bouquet Of Perverts (Just For You!)


  Hey guys! Sorry for a bit of a non-posting week (Again. *rolls eyes*). I will EVENTUALLY get into this routine. Anyway, over the past few weeks I have found billions millions hundreds loads of scary freaky weirdo pervert things on Stardoll. So, I decided to gather them all together and give you them as a present. Surprise! Enjoy! (Sorry if half of them have been deleted by now. That's a good thing anyway!)

(Someone asking for my password)

I damn well am not! You douchebag...oh wait! That's your name! Loser.

Oh hey! Do I know you?...

Boo does seem to have some weird visitors, doesn't she?

Oi. Bitch. I hope you see this.

That's old but I found it funny.

Yes, I have a 'lover' account. Please check it out. It's kinda disgusting. But I do feel loved. Aww. Sweetie :)

I'd rather 'fac' a gorilla. I mean, there wouldn't be much difference to be honest.


I actually don't know who that was. Kinda scary to be honest. He said something weird before, that's why it said that at the top ;)

I've never seen my mother's pussy before so I can't really notice the resemblance. But thanks for telling me :) I'll keep that in mind.

This girl MUST be an emo or something. No one says things like that. Not even me....

 These people are seriously giving me nightmares. No, seriously. They are.

So, I hope you enjoyed my mega-post. Basically I was just clearing out my computer of stuff I didn't anymore to get more space, because I never have enough time to post when I'm at school. 

Anyway, TattieByez, Loob3 :D :D x 


  1. That's a LOT of weird stuff!!!

  2. omg the first one is disgusting! i was eating yogurt when i read this and i almost threw up!

  3. hahaha
    they're so idiot!!!
    report them..& everythings' gonna be alright without the idiots on stardollxD :)

    but your famous..!!