Friday, 27 November 2009

Just a little advice . . kinda? lol

Hey hunnies
i just wanted say a little thankyoo to ya all for readin the blog it means alot that after all this time u still read my waffling & iv had many messages from people thanking me for doing this blog & how its helped them *blushes* lol well thanks & i hope i can help many more!!! anyhoo . . .

Well i decided to have another little waffle today (as the scammer front is slightly quiet) about
Finding out the item you just brought was in a trade . .
as i have many girls ask my advice on this subject!

Many gals find an amazing item then get a message 2 mins later asking for it back . . now i no to be honest that SUCKS!!
I no its been brought fairly but iv been on the other end wen u lose somethin like that n usually they end up losing their item AND having 2 give the other person their item/sds back aswell!
but honestly gals its completely down 2 u! if u want 2 keep it then do but giving it back could save so many problems & wot i always say before you do anything please think how u would feel if it was you who had lost something like that!
Also karma is a great thing . . . i gave something back in a trade then found the item a few days later & even cheaper the lovely gal even gave me a old dress as a thankyou for doing it!
So like i say its everyone own choice but make sure its the right 1 for you!!!
wot do gals think??


  1. I defo agree. What goes around comes around. I once found mk tunic in big starbazaar, and later girl told me she was hacked and she wanted it back.. I admit, I was bad, and I kept it. Later on I traded it. And after I wanted to buy that dress from friend for about 800, and when I gave her all money, someone took dress and wouldn't return it back.. I told u is defo karma.

  2. Been there, done that-I've bought a dress that was in a trade (honestly, I didn't hack or anything, I was just browsing in the bazaar)... but the people who were trading should be polite, too. This girl wrote eith all caps locks sg like "Who the hell gave me my dress?"... and after that I told her that I would give back, and we were arranging an appointment... 2 times, she 'forgot' to be there, I was waiting 2 whole days before the computer... and then I decided to keep the dress to myself-if someone thinks that they could do anything with the other and make her wait when she obviously won't come... (and yes, after that she was cursing at me, and she didn't want to actually tell why she wasn't there).

  3. i do agree being polite instead of just straight having a go at someone especially wen its been brought just in the bazar without knowing!!

  4. you should definately give it back, if you ask me. if you dont, you could be mistaken for a scammer, even though you technically didnt scam anyone. its a fair sale, but i wouldnt be very happy if it happened to me, on either side of the trade.