Sunday, 12 July 2009

dont believe everything u see . . .

yes this is the 2nd in 1 day that has been pointed out 2 me! unfortunatly this 1 was only found wen it was 2 late & my friend woz hacked!

wen u read presentations like this think about it 1st . .
since wen has stardoll ever given a crap about people complainin i bet they dont even read half of them!! so y wud they make a cheat?? they want the money remember!!!

also wen u c things like this just think . .
isnt it just a little bit of a coincidence her gb is closed & this is the last messge!! this could be her 2nd account or even a friend in on it with her?? (im not sayin it is but it could be!)
n yet u wudnt believe how many people went n asked her!!!

come on gals!! ur making it 2 easy 4 them!!


  1. another one is imsuchaloser, she does exactly the same! go look

  2. M3MO told people to do that aswell!

  3. I posted one of these too. Another girl.
    Great... now the hackers have found a new way to trick people. Just what Stardoll needed...

  4. OMG, it just shows how desperste ppl are these days, not really surprizing

  5. She hacked me i got mine back tho.

  6. OMG! THAT IS THE SAME CHEAT THAT HACKED MY ACCOUNT (SingingBabe109 was my account) and I love it and i just got superstar and now im so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!