Sunday, 26 July 2009

why do people even think this will work?

Now i understand they r all non ss so want a code! but they must no this is not going 2 work! But the thing that annoys me a little is its allover sd wot will happen if u give out ur pass etc so they no will happen but they still go mental about it! just dont do it in the 1st place! they say DONT GIVE OUT YOUR PASS 4 a reason!!! n as long as people still keep doin it the hackers will carry on!


  1. wow some people are so damn stupid! I've never scammed or hacked in my life, but honestly if these poeple are dumb enough to believe a scam like that, than they deserve it. NEVER GIVE YOUR PASS!! If you do, you deserve to get scammed. For being a dumbass

  2. It's just like chainmails.
    "Post this in something and you'll get 100000SD." That's not even logical! Many people are nice on Stardoll, but not nice enough to give you free money.
    But I agree with adrienne. There are warnings all over the place about giving out your pass and if they're STILL stupid enough to do it, then they deserve to be hacked!