Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stardolls NEW adverts . .

This was sent 2 me by a slightly shocked stardoll friend, on a site like this yes i know its about fashion but really y do we need to see ladies bums?? I mean comeon stardoll ever heard of filtering adverts, but oh no i forgot they make money from them so they couldnt give a crap. . am i right!?


  1. Omg D:

    Maybe the picture is photoshopped.

  2. Uhmmm. That is uhhhhh odd. I'm 11 lol.

  3. HAHAHAH! Stardoll you flamin' oddballs you don't half make me laugh sometimes. I don't usually take any notice of the ads but I'm sure I'd have noticed a womans rear end staring right at me. I guess there's a possibility this could be photoshopped but I doubt it, Stardoll usually make mistakes like this all the time. What is the advert meant to be of anyway?

  4. Jeez Stardoll, there are 5-7 year old girls that are on your site and you're making them look at half-naked women.

    I'm 11 anyway. x]