Wednesday, 2 March 2011


  1. That "stardoll sent" letter is sooo sad. She didn't even spell some stuff right? And how did "Stardoll" know you were bff's? This girls is so dumb, i mean at LEAST use spell checker COME ON.

  2. She sent that letter that she said stardoll sent to me.
    I wouldn't believe a word she said & I know a reason why she did that.....

  3. LOL about what u said 'My cat could write a more realistic letter' hehe true tho if I had like 10 beers I could make it sound more realistic. But then again I've never drunk beer before so...yeah...ya get what I mean xD
    She's a bit of a crafty one isn't she tho? Keep an eye out for her because she could make another account and sneak up on u then ;) Sometimes don't you just wish u could reach your hand through the computer screen and break their little necks? Or chop their arms off so they can't type anymore...

  4. OMG you guys i know exactly how you feel urrghh im getting allotta crap from random people lately heres a convo from a girl who added me after i went to a party she randomly started accuseing me of being a hacker?!? :

    hdfigtuh: i got told that you tryed to scam me and hack me is it rue

    _x_Eva_x_: whaat ?? i never hacked anyone in my life who said this ??

    hdfigtu: y

    14:23_x_Eva_x_: i have never tried to scam or hack anyone if your gonna accuse get the right person:(

    hdfigtu: i thught we were frends untill it come to hacking]

    _x_Eva_x_: wtf i have never hacked you i dont even know your password can you please leave me alone

    honestly if your going to accuse me then theres no need to lie about it

    hdfigtu: ther is keep yur hands of my acont ok cler

    _x_Eva_x_: what did i do
    i have never hacked you :S

    hdfigtu: stay of my accont OK !

    _x_Eva_x_: what i havent been on it EVER?!?

    then she ssignes out well done for ruining my day :(

  5. That gurl is a freak, wantin to get attention..... jeez