Wednesday, 3 June 2009

pfft . . . .

This girl was pointed out 2 me earlier!! im not particularly bothered really but i well i found this bit highly amusing . .

She says 1st that i make this blog so u dont realise im a hacker . . hmm u really think id spend HOURS doin everything on this blog jus so no1 wud no my "dirty hacking secret" well hun i hate 2 dissapoint u can dig all ya like, but u aint gna find nothing about me every1 dont already no!
but this was the bit that made me reeeeally giggle "i hacked her & heres the proof" but then nothing!!!! because obviously there is nothing 2 have proof of!!!
come on at least make it a little interesting huh?!?


  1. haha! crazy! she is the bich! lol! omfg! wat are we goin to do wit all these stupid beotchs? lol! i always did like the chokie on madilda! lol! jk! i am not any pyscho killer just so u know. lol.
    brewerflower (

  2. like anyone is going to believe girl who has word 'bitch' in her username. I often meet some freaks who tell I am scammer, but who will believe them, when I have so many friends, and people , to confirm the opposite

  3. There's always jealousy :( even towards people who are being kind and helpful. If anything I pity this girl, to have such a twisted mind that she makes a new doll just to attempt to spread rumors. It really is more of a reflection on her. x

  4. I AGREE WITH EVERYONE!!! BOO is the BEST PERSON in the WORLD!! She does not put just ANYONE on here!! She has PROOF #1.... #2...She does this for the GOOD ppl of S.D!! I am happy that she does what she does!!
    Love ME!!! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0xx0!!!

  5. I totes agrees!! Dese guys r total butthols wiv nothin betta 2 do!!LOL dey hav no lyf. She's prob sum1 u named nd shamed.

  6. Just want to tell you I also agree! This blog is simply GREAT!!! Thanks thanks thanks for all the work behind it! Hugs Miloba

  7. nah, I believe her! YOU PROB ARE A HACKER, COW!

  8. Wow. That girl is N-U-T-S nuts! I asked you to hold my lottery dresses overnight when I got hacked and you gave them back with no problem! You are THE sweetest person that I have met in a long time.

    Anonymous- You're the hacker. You're the cow. Eat your words just like you chew your cud :P