Monday, 8 June 2009

Take note gals!!

Yet another hacker takes on the younger & supposedly more gullable generation of stardoll! & i must say 2 yasminklepstad YOU GO GIRL!!!
not only did she not give in she stood her ground & told her where 2 get off!!
evryone shud be takin notes!!!


  1. i've had someone try to hack me by saying there mom works for stardoll and they can get me 1,000 stardollars...yea right
    she got mad at me and she preteneded her mom was talking to me and her mom got mad at me...its so annoying i un-friended her
    she kept asking me on chat!it was about two months ago though

  2. omg really????? u no someone sed the exact same 2 me!!! puttin her mum on n everthin!!!!!! must be the very same!!!! wow they jus dont give up!!!!