Thursday, 11 June 2009

Yet another proud hacker!!!

Dammit if i could be allowed 2 run stardoll 4 1 day there wud be some serious changes!!! people who do this would be banned from stardoll 4 good!!! & not able 2 make ANY new accounts!!! good riddance!!! if only huh??


  1. this is acually good, no matter how weird it sounds, I mean she says she made fake site where you can 'get 9000 stardollars' and she hacked her, and now even she doesn't send mails of fake site to people, others will be warned.

  2. Thats .fashion.diva !
    Its a girl that use to come to my school and shes getting information from me cuz i use to be mates with her ...
    God i hate her

    xXx Emilia xXx
    A.K.A fairee999

  3. Ouch... Stings more than a poke in the eye ! How could people take other peoples accounts from other people? I Guarentee you every time a bell rings 3people get hacked ! grr the meanies !
    ~ Doubledutchdiva