Monday, 20 April 2009

Another theif rears her ugly head!!!!

Urrgghh people like her r makin me sick!!!!! yet another 1 who brought somethin from under 2 of my good friends who were trading n refuses 2 give it back!!!!!
n ya no wot pisses me off even more!!!!! the 2 girls who were trading r both honest, lovely girls and very well known safe traders & iv traded with both of them b4!!!!!
& then just 2 add insult 2 serious injury the bitch has the guts 2 wear it!!!! some people should just be banned from stardoll 4 good!!!!


  1. ooh, it makes me mad. once that happened to me, I was selling item for codes, girl gave me 2 codes 1st, and when i was about to sell her dress another bitch stole it. so I asked her nicely to give it back, but instead of response, she blocked me and put it on herself! grr, I hate when they do that, i mean, proud to be thieves??

  2. EVERYBODY can buy clotches in starbazaar and it's really doesn't matter or you trade or not. Someone else buy it that it's your problem! And if a stardollmember gives you the clotches back then it's means she is a really good person but if someone DOESN'T give you the clotches back then it DOESN'T mean that she is a scammer or bitch
    I know.. if someone buyss clothes when you are trading, you might be mad, but don't call people names or say that "people should just be banned from stardoll 4 good!!" Calm down... nobody has stolen clotches.

  3. who could this be?? THE GIRL WHO STOLE the dress?? In MY opinion YES IT IS STEALING, if someone comes to your GB and tells you " HELLO THE ITEM U BOUGHT WAS IN A TRADE, CAN U PLEASE GIVE IT OR SELL IT BACK??"
    && THAT person says NO and is RUDE about it than YES SHE IS A THEIF, to add insult to injury that CHOOCH said to my friend that she would sell it back 4 300sd!!! C'mon NOW!!! ya bought it for 60sd, U have the BRASS BALLS to wear it to piss the girl off, then U know what, U do deserve to not be on SD!!!
    WHATEVER...... Suger-Boo21

  4. trading is not good!
    i dont think that the girl who got the dress was stealing because stardoll tells people not to trade!
    She is not a bad person and if it was in the bazaar and then someone else bought it there is nothing worng with it!

  5. happened to me when i was trading my hearts scarf =[ the girl who stole it just kept deleting our GB meaages to her =@

  6. She bought the dress, she hasn't scammed anyone and the dress actually now belongs to her. She hadn't stolen it, she had BOUGHT it. Always when you start trading REMEMBER, that someone might be faster.