Saturday, 18 April 2009

deluded much?!??!

Remeber this from the other day . . .???

As you can see she blatantly asked 4 my username & pass . . .n well i 4got 2 block her n she came online n after bitchin 4 10 mins wen i ad a go at her 4 talkin 2 me after her attemptin 2 hack me & had the cheek 2 tell me 2 shh as im "disturbin her" & say that coz i didnt give her my pass then that means she isnt a hacker!!!! yea ok love calm down . . the men in white wil be here shortly!!!


  1. I think this whole thing is kinda getting stupid. I am all for telling the Hackers and Scammers names but this whole thing is ridiculous. Why would you waste time to Print Screen all this stuff when you could be doing something else.

    Please don't get me wrong! I love this Blog but Print Screens of your conversations?

  2. sorry u feel like that! the reason i show conversations etc is 2 show exactly wot people r really like! i mean i cud write "o she was rude etc" but then im gna av endless people asking wot she sed etc
    u dont have 2 read all the convo its jus their 4 the people who do lol

  3. YA PPL LIKE ME!!! I love to see the evidence, as well as all of the followers, && I know this 4 a fact, Don't worry Boo, there is always going to be that few that don't agree or wanna cause problems!!! YOU KNOW U HAVE MAD PPL WHO LOVE THE PRINT SCREEN!!!! xxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!