Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I acctually feel sorry 4 her!!

Yes guys believe it or not i have ANOTHER stalker!!! iv come 2 the conclusion that all the accounts must be 1 sad girl!! obviously someone iv named & shamed . . . but well if ur gonna scam it serves u right!! people need 2 no 2 stay away from loonys like this!!
But even worse i really do feel sorry 4 her . . .4 her life 2 be so shite she has 2 try n take over someone elses virtual identity!! she must be a dam sad & lonely kid!
But the funny part is . . . . now u dont look feck all like me so u can copy my presentation all ya like but ull always be known 2 evry1 (as my friends call ya) as bootleg-boo!!!


  1. yea i hate boo4bettz's copyers thats just worng!

  2. i think u are for attention doing that

  3. They have no lifes... silly little girls.