Sunday, 26 April 2009

grrrr . . . . .

Now i no how much evry1 wants stardollars . yes me included!!! but put it this way wot wud u rather have no sds . . or risk giving out ur pass then still having no sds or an account 2 put them on?? this hacker obviously doesnt care who nos it!!!! even more annoying . . someone has written that she has hacked her & yet people r still askin 4 sds etc!!!!!!!!!!! come on gals please ur literally asking 2 be hacked?!?!
also jus a quick thanx 2 lipgloss_babe91 4 spottin this & pointing it out 2 me!!! if anyone finds anythin u feel people shud no plz let me no as i cant see evrythin lol


  1. well thundercake29 does the same thing. she says she will give u 500sds for ur password..and some gals have been hacked by her. hope i helped.