Saturday, 1 August 2009

I say dont trust ANYTHING OR ANYONE 4 this reason!!

Like i sed i posted that quite a while ago n said dont trust the other girl sayin its safe as more than likely its her 2nd account etc
n well suprise suprise look wot we have here!!!


  1. Immortal_farie is back on several other accounts, including selling-account and kayleigh_4

  2. selling-account is running the "change your email" scam. One of the accounts that she says she is selling belongs to a girl who has no intention of selling the account! What a nightmare. Stardoll should not only delete the scammers, but also block the IP addresses so they cannot access any of their accounts!

  3. In my club, BewareOfScams, or it might have been HateTheScammers, someone posted the x-click-me-x or whatever is a scammer. Just thought I'd tell you... and Bandos is a scammer.
    -Lexy xoxo [[Lexy9333]]