Tuesday, 11 August 2009

looks can be VERY deceiving!!

Now i think because of ALL the hackers around lately we have without realising it, put them in a catagory of having - weird lookin dolls, hardly any starpoints etc
But this goes 2 show the even some of the prettiest & old members of stardoll r just just as dam bad as the new 1s!!
so remember DONT assume that just coz they r dressed nice, have been on here ages etc that there scams aint all fake! maybe this is another who has slipped under stardolls wafer thin hacker catching net . . . .


  1. I think she's been deleted because I can't find her. :]]

  2. Scammers use the accounts they steal to advertise their scams. That way they get all the credibility of an established account, and the benefit that when it gets deleted, they still get to keep the account they really care about.