Friday, 21 August 2009


Ok i no its been a wile since they changed the find friends bit!
but iv spent all this time tryin 2 figure it out!
it used 2 be easy 2 check up on a scammer jus by puttin 3 ... after there name!
But oh no stardoll seems 2 like people bein scammed! n now it jus brings up pages n pages of people!

so here r the new ways of keeping urself safe & scam/hack free!

check before u trade -
* how long have they been on stardoll?
* how many friends do they have?
* read the presentation & c if they have any references . . if they do check out every single one by asking them also make sure that the references r honest & not another of the traders accounts or friends etc
* is there gb closed? wot exactly do u need 2 hide on stardoll?
* check in there scenery & album comments they have missed a comment from 1 of their "victims"

& as always
* dont give out ur pass
* change ur pass or email
* visit any site with the promise of free anythin

thanx 4 readin & i hope i helped!
& if iv missed any other way 2 keep safe or if u have any clue how the hell 2 work the stupid friend finder plz comment & let me no!

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  1. if u are well known trader or person on stardoll, just call on that 'title' , and do not fall on tricks like 'i have been scammed 34 times I can't go 1st anymore' or 'my parents don't let me go 1st' , .. and if still person refuses to 1st, either the deal is too good to be true, so it must be a scam. I declined several good offers for my mka fur (I hate fur) only because people refused to go 1st, but I was patient, and it payed out well :)