Tuesday, 20 October 2009

3 random people put to the test thanx 2 sd mess up!!!

So sd have decided that they are gna mess with everyones sale!!! (well i hope its not just mine? lol) everythin i put on sale is being left in the items u can sell n the same item is then coming up in my sale 4 1sd!!!! SO . . .
i have decided 2 do a little test of honesty in these 3 random gals who brought the items from the starbazar probably! i have written 2 all of em n asked 4 the item back n explained wot happened so lets wait n c!!
this is either gna prove that there are a few decent people left on sd or not!!


  1. same happened to me. I messaged sd about it, but they ignored me.

  2. @ VL
    Ain't that a shocker!

    These new updates that they keep making just messes up the site...