Sunday, 25 October 2009


this was given 2 me from another friend who was suprised 2 get a non automated message after asking there advice & telling them she had been sworn t etc! But look wot they say 2 her!!! no matter anyone has done or not done on sd they r supposed 2 not take sides! but this message is just plain rude!! then wen she complained about this message guess wot she got in return . . yep u got it another crappy automated message!! What the hell is goin on wiv sd!!! Overtaken by aliens or loons!?!?


  1. OMG stardoll have truly lost the plot!
    This site is for kids for god sake! Imagine if the teacher said to a pupil whom had been sworn at by another pupil 'You've been nasty to him! god, the friggin pope would have sworn at you!' OK i got a lil carried away, but basically that's the attitude we receive off stardoll. All there non-automatic letters seem just a tad sarcastic =/
    And so bloody what if there getting sick of us we are paying there wages!

  2. heya:)
    i agree. OMW! how can stardoll say that! they take forever to reply and when they do they just talk rubbish.

  3. thats bullshit ,what if that person didnt do anything and the other person made something up
    like "they were being nasty to me". The facts are'nt always right. They shouldnt take sides