Friday, 23 October 2009

Update . . .

Well 2 be honest i wasnt really that bothered about the clothes i just wanted 2 see wot would happen wen i explained wot had happened & asked very nicely if i could have them back!
I feel slightly stupid as i was thinkin that at least 1 of the girls maybe even 2 would give them back but as you can see ALL 3 of them have either blocked or ignored me!! These were jus 3 totally random girls id never heard of or spoke 2! this just goes 2 show how bad stardoll really is now! All over giving back a item that they brought 4 1sd!!! its not like they are even really losing anythin! plus id have given them somethin 2 say thankyou either sds or gifts etc
well if everyone on strdoll is this bad over something so small it goes 2 show jus how bad its really getting!!!


  1. this happened to me i put on sale for a good proce but stardoll had a glitch and put for 1 sd

    thankfully some people sell back. some ont the other hand are unloyal. some clothes werent even supposed to be on sale!

  2. This also happened to me! I put my Inspired by Dior dress up for 20SD and it was sold for 1! I asked for it back and the girl agreed but said her 'friend' bought it when she was selling it back to me!