Thursday, 8 October 2009


Hey hunnies!
im sooooo sorry 4 not postin lately i have had alot goin on & sd has been rather quiet lately i think that could be thanx to sd & all the *updates* they r making! (sorry but i hate that i cant turn off my chat!!)
sooo anyhooooo . . .

I did feel a little sorry 4 this gal she isnt superstar n obviously would like 2 be! that was until she went 2 my good friends gb n told her that her suite is over decorated n tacky etc n then was hurling abuse at her!!! she seems 2 think that everyone who is ss are stuck up & snobby well im sorry 2 say hun but green is not a good colour 4 anyone! n maybe if u gave us ss gals a chance u may realise we aint all like that! n as 4 calling us stardoll scum . . . talking about people like that makes u a hell of a lot scummier than most of us will ever be!


  1. If there weren't superstars, stardoll wouldn't exist because the workers need to be paid =/ she obviously hasn't thought it through before saying such nasty things ^-^ x

  2. 12lol12lol12lol hacked my other account luvable_girl28 coz he was gonna get my cousin x-o-xjx-o-x 1200sd but he needed her password so we decided that i would let her give him my really old accounts password little.miss28 but he sent me a message saying it didnt have enough starpoints on that account for him to buy it stardollars... so then we decided we would give him the password to my account luvable_gilr28 because we trusted him because he didnt hack the account little.miss28. Every minute i changed my password on luvable_girl28 untill i decided that i really trusted him enough not to hack it. but when i let my gaurd down for 2 minutes he hacked it... i tried to change my password but it wouldnt let me coz he had changed it and he changed the email too and the email was a girls email. so because that account had been hacked before by beabarcelo1996 i wasnt worried coz i knew how to get it back. so i changed the email back to mine and then it took me about 30 minutes to get the account back. after i got it back me and my cousin wrote in his guestbook saying he was a hacker and all that stuff but he deleted the comments. but people had already seen them and they were asking him why we were saying he was a hacker and this was his response:

    and this is what he wrote when he said it didnt work on little.miss.28

    please write about him because word needs to get out

    xx love your blog

  3. oh and my stardoll is little.miss.28

  4. wow that girl is rude some superstars are really nice she has to get to know one!!!

  5. Ha!This girls presentation is DEFINITLEY jealous that she is not superstar!
    lol love the blog
    ( biliejoerox )