Wednesday, 31 December 2008

completely bonkers or just a really nasty piece of work . . .u decide?

well i dont really know quite wot 2 say about this 1!?!?!
she appeared in my GB and accused me of hacking her account! which i find kinda amusing as i 1 ive never heard of her n 2 it took me 6 hours jus 2 set up the acctual blog (with help!!) so as u can imagine imagine im not exactly a computer wizz!! well i went to her GB n this is wot i found . . page after page of nasty comments 2 endless different people . . . . . . . released early from the loony bin or just a plain old cow??? wot u think?


  1. Wow thats quit sad...i feel bad 4 all those who have to put up with that ugly bitch. Sum people will never grow up... litte immature asswhole brats. O well... lol

    I'll report and block cuz i dont wanna deal with that girl. Sorry you had to. And dont worry...i doubt any1 believes her lies of you being a hacker.


  2. OMG.

    Why do some people get a kick out of taking the whizz out of others?