Tuesday, 30 December 2008

how stupid u really think i am?!?

Now i may not be a rocket scientist but c'mon seriously give me some credit!
if u ask for my password u will get the same answer evrytime "sure its 785umustthinkimamug"!!! wud u believe it one girl acctually tried then came back and said it didnt work! (well duuuuurrr) now i think that makes u the MUG luv . . .


  1. well thanx but wht u do wen soe1 takes ur account and cant get on it in 1 week happened to me =[

  2. That's greta to know :) I'll remeber to report the scammers...

    btw LOVE the blog :)


  3. HAHAAHA id have actualy laffed out loud... if it wasnt 4AM. OMG you are so funny!!