Tuesday, 30 December 2008

why im doing all of this?!

Hey u may or may not know me from stardoll? but i have 2 confess im a slight stardoll addict! :/ & im gettin so fed up with all the people who r ruining this site! now i love stardoll jus as must as the next typical addict but all the fun is being covered by stardolls dark side . . ! so many people are hacking and scamming & i no personally wot a horrible feeling it is wen it happens!! now i no i cant exactly stop it all but at least im doing something (stardoll yes i mean u!) and if i can stop jus 1 person bein scammed a day then id be pretty happy!
now obsiously this is my first post :D wooohoo
so in the meantime PLEASE go to rat-patrol (stardolls own Florence Nightingale/sherlock holmes)
she has a list of as many scammers as have been reported to her!
i will start posting and naming and shaming asap!!!

coming next . . . .How 2 see the signs of a scammer?

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