Tuesday, 30 December 2008

How to see the signs of a scammer!?

now ive been scammed a few times & iv discovered a few ways 2 prevent it!
1 . . rat-patrol now u will notice i speak about her alot! she is an absolute saint & jus by simply checkin her page before a trade u may save alot of hassle!
2 . . look around her suite is it a new account?? is her guestbook closed?? if so y doesnt she want people 2 contact her?
3 . . check in their scenerys as people wil write they r scammers in their sometimes but nobody checks every scenery wen there is a new comment!
4 . . go to the find friends search box and just write something totally random ie . . jhgdsjgfju\smj . . then when the cant find anything page comes up write in their name! this is genius as it brings up EVERY presentation etc that their name is written in scammers & safe lists!
5 . . dont forget most scammers will giv it away jus by talkin 2 u, askin u 2 hurry, bein vague or maybe even a little rude! just be on guard and dont forget there r some decent people on here aswell!
i hope that jus by writing these few tips i may have stopped a few more scams!


  1. OMG i do exactly that also ! I still get scammed coz i trust too many people lol,

  2. OMG OMG OMG thanks!!!!!!! i so didnt no you could search aa name and find every place there name shows up :O i searched mine im only on a clubs presentation coz i made a club cheer lol but its nice to see i havent been b!tched about anywhere haha xx