Tuesday, 30 December 2008

named pictured shamed (the top 6!)

These r THE top 6 scammers on stardoll!! they have been reported 2 rat-patrol so many times u cant count & yes 1 of them is personal . . . fondys not only did she scam me but she had the freekin cheek 2 come n ask if i wanted to trade jus the other day!! i dont wots worse . . .she has the nerve 2 ask again even tho she knew shed scammed me b4 or if she has scammed soo many people she jus cant remember!!!
dont say u havent been warned!


  1. HA HAAA YOU HAVE BEEN NAMED AND SHAMED YOU SUMUMABITCHEZ! Ugh that fucking Fondys won't stop bombarding me with her offers of dkny and such an such...she's so far up me behind her left foot is practically poking out of my gob. NAFF OFF and stop scamming you losers..and those who think they're sass...my boo WILL find you and SHAME you. Luv ya donuthead xXx

  2. haha u still crack me up!
    aww thanx silly willy :)
    luv yaaa tooooo

  3. hey ino the top scammer her name is YADOSS reason knowing ino this is because she scammed STARDOLL yes yuo heard right STARDOLL! in 2007 decemeber and hacked me,all my friends with a url.... =[ want more request me on stardoll by for now!
    My stardoll name is - Stephestar
    dont worry i dont hack! even ask boo4bettz

  4. Well acually they're are much more out there that are top... lol I've never even heard of these names until right now :) Thanx 4 the warning.

    There are bigger 1s out there though... I wont mention who cuz if they saw it, drama would start and im not in the mood 2 deal with sum immature brats. lol


  5. well thanks boo4bettz i told boo4bettz hollister_mall scammed me and she has taken action so thankyou your the best bff everyone look out yh?

  6. Hollister_mall is a scammer??? Doesn't she own a club called:starzbazar???

    OMG!!! i'm sooo gonna leave her club!!!

    I can't belive it!!! she even put ppls usernames saying tht they scammed her!!!

  7. DAT BLOODY FONDYS IS A SCAMMER --plus so am i --jkz--

  8. ok i shouldnt laff because its very seriously wrong what that girl done but the way you right is just so funny, im so following this blog!